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salt dealer | 00923328213008

We deal in all kind of best export quality salt. Contact us on our mobile number for b2b deals.

Story about Salt Importance.

Once a king asked from his friend that how much do you love me. His friend replied that you are as important for me as a salt. King did not liked his reply and threw him in Jail. Then his fried said to the cook that you do not add salt in the Kings Food Dishes and cook did so. When King ate the dinner then he called the cook to punish him and then cook said him that if you like the salt so much then why you gave punishment to your friend. Then King realized that his friend was right and he not only relased his friend but their friendship also became stronger.

This story was just to entertain you but this is fact that Salt is an important part of our  body and playes an important role in our health. No doubt it also makes our diet tasty also. There are few questions in people mind and some are answered below about salt.

is salt bad for you?

The answer is No but access of every thing is bad. If you consume too much salt, the additional water saved in your body raises your blood pressure. So, the more salt you eat, the greater your high blood pressure. The greater your high blood pressure, the greater the strain on your heart, arteries, kidneys as well as brain. This could cause heart attacks, strokes, mental deterioration and also kidney disease.

Is salt bad for you weight loss?

You possibly understand that eating salty foods creates a boost in "water weight," or will certainly make you feel puffed up. "Eating salt does not directly raise body fat, yet it could enhance water retention, which would show up on the range," states Moscovitz. ... "Salt itself is not an unhealthy material," states Moscovitz.

Contact us if you require any kind of salt.

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